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We have worked in partnership with several translation agencies, some of them for more than 20 years! From time to time one of our agency partners asks us to check the work of a less experienced translator, or someone who is new to the subject area. We are always happy to do this – many translation Project Managers are experienced and qualified translators themselves, but they may not be familiar with the particular language needed or they don’t know enough about, say engineering to be sure the translation is accurate (if you’re dealing with aircraft, a mistake can be VERY expensive!) Latterly we have begun machine translation post-editing, which is nowadays a reasonable proposition as it

Why is this section called Personal and Property?

We called it this so we could group together all the bits of work we do for French people, British and American people (sometimes moving to France or other French-speaking countries) who need certificates and diplomas translating, and for people who are buying (or who already own) a property in France. We have dealt with a range of interesting things: helping a client to sort out a bequest from a will, translating an engineer’s structural report on a new building which had developed cracks, explaining what a survey report says about a house someone was thinking of buying; changing a property-owner’s mobile phone provider. Occasionally we have a request that goes something like this “Oh no! W

What do you mean, TECHNICAL translation?

Technical translation covers a huge range of businesses and subjects. Basically it means that the translator needs to understand the technical content to safely and accurately translate it. For example, we cover aerospace – things like planes, satellites and even rockets. We also do automotive – anything to do with cars and lorries. And from time to time we’ve done technical translations about huge cruise ships. Other areas we have covered include instruction manuals for all sorts of devices and new inventions, including medical instruments, feasibility studies for huge environmental projects and proposals for oil, steel and gas. We’ve also translated website content for engineering and tec

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