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Why is this section called Personal and Property?

We called it this so we could group together all the bits of work we do for French people, British and American people (sometimes moving to France or other French-speaking countries) who need certificates and diplomas translating, and for people who are buying (or who already own) a property in France.

We have dealt with a range of interesting things: helping a client to sort out a bequest from a will, translating an engineer’s structural report on a new building which had developed cracks, explaining what a survey report says about a house someone was thinking of buying; changing a property-owner’s mobile phone provider.

Occasionally we have a request that goes something like this “Oh no! We have received this very serious- looking letter from an insurance company! What does it say??” (It was nothing to worry about. You know if you get a quote from a few insurance companies before renewing? They never forget your renewal date, do they? It was a marketing letter).

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