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Why I miss the rain

Remember only a week or two ago when we still had the central heating on at night and early morning? Seems a long time ago, doesn't it? Now (in mid-June) we've had a good few days of real summer warmth and sunshine, and unfortunately we have been suddenly reminded that it brings other issues. Like - BUGS! It's great to eat outside on the patio, but it's not so great when passing wasps think you have moved out there to give them easier access to your wine, puddings etc. Also, if the grandchildren are around it results in running around and shrieks of anxiety, which upsets your peace of mind.

A second hassle has been finding it hard to sleep in the heat. Previously the main cause of sleep disturbance was the blasted squirrels starting to build nests on our roof, and shouting to each other at 4 in the morning "Pass me that hammer, Joe." The heat coming resulted in them making a sudden exit - possibly the heat from the solar panels put them off...

The third negative effect of the warm dry weather is how it has interfered with window repair activities. We have an excellent filler, which is as good (or better) than the original wood. It's one of those fillers where you mix in a hardener. According to the instructions, when mixed you have 30 minutes of working time. Not in these temperatures you don't. Five minutes in, it is setting hard and gluing itself to the filler knife...

The main reason I miss the rain, though, is when it rains I don't have to go out in the evening with the hosepipe to stop the plants in the gardening drying out.

Of course we are all enjoying the sunny weather although, looking at the forecast, I think I had better look out a raincoat or umbrella...

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