A Magical New Calendar for Translators!

calendar for translator

A calendar to help translators

A Unique new Calendar with Magical Properties

Handling rush translations

You have probably noticed that this calendar is quite different from a normal one. In fact, I have developed it specially for handling rush translation jobs. As you already know, rush translation jobs are the norm. There is no such a thing as a “take as much time as you like” job in translation. Even large manuals which have required months of writing, editing, reviewing, updating are required by tomorrow.
Even when you receive a job, let’s say, on the 8th, you should be able to deliver it on the 3rd. No more panicky phone calls: “where is my job?”

Three Fridays!

As you know it, us translators are very familiar with the Friday afternoon last minute panic. This is why, on this calendar, each week has 3 Fridays – loads of panic, but lots of work!

Deadlines at beginning and end of month

There is no first day of the month, therefore you can forget unrealistic targets. No more: “I want this job by the beginning of next month”.
Several new days have been added at the end of the month to enable you to complete all “end of month” jobs.

No more “I hate Mondays”…

You can forget “I hate Mondays”, “Blue Mondays” and all “After-weekend hangovers”. You should therefore be more productive and much happier.

…and no more weekends

In fact, you do not have to work weekends as Saturdays and Sundays have been cancelled. On top of that, you do not have to negotiate special overtime fees. No more nagging from your partner to go shopping or to mow the lawn at the weekend. Weekend? What’s a weekend?

No need to pay!

You may also have noticed that the 15th as well as the 30th and the 31st no longer exist. Brilliant news! You do not have to pay bills due by the 15th or by the end of the month.

Mirday = Miracle Day

Last but not least, a special day has been added: Mirday. This is short for Miracle day. You now have a special day to perform Miracles. Miracles are part of our job, as translators.