The attention-hungry monster in our pockets..


The monster insisting

We love our smartphones

Why do we love our smart phones so much? It’s all to do with language and communication. While on our holiday in Cape Verde we noticed something strange. A lot of young couples spent their time gazing lovingly at their smartphones instead of at their partners.

Humans love communication

Human beings are absolutely passionate about communication. We are different from the animals because of our sophisticated communication. There is an irony here. With smart phones we  can communicate literally with the rest of the world. We can talk to anyone thousands of miles away and they can talk to us. We can find vast amounts of information, much of it fascinating. It is fascinating because it is curated for us personally; all we need to do is search for what we want. And what we want is as varied as the billions of us living on this planet.

You can get just what you want

So it’s OK if you are interested in politics and your partner isn’t. Maybe he’s interested in rugby. It isn’t surprising that being able to choose exactly what you want is very attractive. Ironically the thing that lets us communicate and learn about anything we want is also what stops us communicating with each other! There is an endless array of what we want, available at the click of a mouse or a tap on the screen.

Language difficulties

We already see small children with language difficulties when they arrive at school in the UK. Their parents have not spoken with them enough. So who knows what the future holds while we navigate this brave new world? Maybe in the future we will only communicate via text,  Facebook and Twitter??

Translators are obsessed with communication

Of course, here at the French Translation Company we are pretty obsessed with communication ourselves…it’s our lifeblood!